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Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by internship program managers, coordinators, employers and other human resources representatives looking to purchase and implement the Intern Management System powered by GradLeaders. 


Q: Do I have to use every module offered within the Intern Management System?

A: No. The platform is robust but also extremely configurable so you can pick and choose which modules make sense for your program. Select from any or all modules including the Internship Syllabus, Virtual Meetings, Live Chat, Supervisor/Mentor Portal, Intern Portal, Alumni Portal, Surveys, Evaluations, Job Board, Applicant Tracking, Notes, Email Campaigns, SMS, Online Resource Library, or Metrics Reporting.

Q: Do I have to create my own tasks lists for the intern syllabus?

A: No. The platform comes pre-loaded with intern syllabus templates based on learnings of surveys of over 300,000 interns and more than 25,000 employers. But you can create and/or customize task lists as well.

Q: Can I pull reports on engagement, outcomes and ROI?

A: Yes, and more. The Intern Management system includes reports on activity, usage, demographics, intern feedback, mentoring appointments, communication effectiveness, as well as intern conversion rates.

Q: Are you able to integrate any other software/systems within your platform?

A: Yes. We offer optional integrations with Microsoft Office 365/Exchange and Google calendars, Salesforce CRM, Single Sign-On via CAS/Shib/SAML/LDAP, and have a dozen open APIs to easily move data from one system to another.

Q: Can I only use this for interns, or can I use for full-time hires, alumni, ambassadors, rotational development program students?

A: All of the above. The platform is highly-configurable so it can be customized for just about any audience and use case.

Q: How quickly can intern cohort data be imported?

A: Intern data can be imported in minutes either by the team at GradLeaders of directly by the admin users.

Q: How long can cohort data stay in the system?

A: Indefinitely. You can store data for as long as you remain a paying customer.

Q: How does historical data get entered into the system for benchmarking?

A: The team at GradLeaders will import historical data during the implementation process.

Q: Can the nomenclature, branding, and labelling differ for each cohort served?

A: Yes. The colors, logos, terminology and entire user experience can be different for each cohort.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing is based on the estimated number of interns who will be accessing the system and the level of configuration needed.

Q: Do I pay for all users including interns, admins, alumni, and ambassadors?

A: No, just active interns using the platform.

Q: How long does it take to implement?

A: In general it takes 4-10 weeks to implement depending on the number of users and modules utilized but we can go faster or slower depending on your needs and engagement with the process. 


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