Intern Management System



Streamline your company's experiential talent program, improve intern productivity and maximize satisfaction with our effortless end-to-end solution.


The Intern Management System is the only cloud-based platform that simplifies program management for your team while providing a structured, consistent, and equitable experience of value for your interns.



Not just for internships! Take advantage of our easy-to-use platform to manage co-ops, apprenticeships, clerkships, returnships, rotationals, leadership development, or other experiential talent programs. Simplify every aspect of your program – from onboarding and daily task lists to professional development, communication tracking, evaluations and more:


Internship Program Management Technology


Solutions to Increase Your Internship Program ROI

Our best-in-class software and nationally recognized best practices help companies deliver meaningful internship experiences that improve overall satisfaction and productivity. We partner with companies of all shapes and sizes to simplify management of their internship program, automate processes, and develop the next generation of the workforce.

Increase Internship Efficiency

Increase Your Efficiency

  • Single fully-integrated platform that streamlines labor-intensive, repetitive processes
  • Provides interns, managers, mentors and HR their own unique self-serve portals that support both traditional and virtual internships
  • Track all activity and data from intern application to full-time conversion in one central location
  • Pre-loaded internship syllabus and learning management system specifically designed to help your interns develop & utilize the career readiness skills needed to be successful at work

Maximize Intern Productivity

Maximize Intern Productivity

  • Gamified professional development activities based on the NACE Career Readiness Competencies
  • Receive best-practice strategies for meaningful intern engagement and productivity and track results real-time
  • Let interns manage tasks, projects, calendar and other activities in a single, simple-to-use platform of their choice (mobile + web)
  • Fully-embedded virtual solutions including video meetings and live chat


Enhance Company's Talent Pipeline

Improve Full-time Conversion Rates

  • Develop and deliver a world-class internship program that is consistent throughout your entire organization
  • Build your talent pool and evaluate interns quickly and efficiently
  • Increase your capacity and scale your internship program
  • Get more from your current internship class and improve intern-to-full-time-hire conversation rates


What are your interns saying about you?


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Take advantage of the same internship program methodology utilized by more than 7,500 organizations across the country based on surveys of over 300,000 interns and more than 25,000 employers. 

Those who utilized the best practices and syllabus now built into the Intern Management System reported:

  • 100% satisfaction rate of interns, supervisors and mentors
  • 70% increase in intern productivity
  • 50% saved at least 2 hours of onboarding time per intern
  • 34% of companies were able to increase the size of their internship program




Proven Methods & Software to Meet Your Unique Needs


Internship Syllabus Templates and Project Task List Management

Internship Syllabus
Give interns a tool to manage daily task lists, projects, automate follow-ups, and track progress.



Internship Reporting

Reporting + Metrics
Flexible canned reports and ROI metrics dashboards for intern/mentor activity, data exports, and more.




Intern and Mentor Virtual Meeting Software


Virtual Meetings + Live Chat
Allow mentors/supervisors and interns to manage team calendars, schedule virtual 1-on-1 appointments, and use virtual chat channels.



Internship Supervisor Manager Portal

Supervisor + Mentor Portal
Company-branded portal for supervisors/mentors that allows for unique types/access levels. 



Internship Pulse Survey Software

Surveys + Evaluations
Create pulse surveys and collect satisfaction data using embedded forms or SurveyMonkey integration. 



Intern Directory

Job Board + Applicant Tracking
Manage the internship application, review, and follow-up communication process with integrated CRM tools.



Intern Portal

Intern + Alumni Portal
Company-branded, mobile-ready portal for your current interns to utilize and tools to stay engaged with alumni.



Internship Email Campaigns

Notes, Email Campaigns + SMS
Searchable intern/applicant database with customizable profiles, notes, email/SMS tools, and activity tracking. 



Internship Resources

Online Resource + Document Library
Provide specific user groups easy access to important links and manage their own documents.


Intern Management System powered by GradLeaders


More than Software. Industry-Leading Support and Best Practice Advice.

Developing and deploying successful internship programs can be challenging – especially today. GradLeaders – the industry leader in internship management software – recently partnered with Dr. Robert Shindell – a national leader in the field of experiential education research & consulting and author of “Total Internship Management: An Employers Guide to Building & Sustaining the Ultimate Internship Program” – to create the Intern Management System. Together, our best-in-class software and nationally recognized best practices are designed to help companies build, develop, and enhance their internship programs to attract and retain the next generation of leaders in the workforce.


“The Intern Management System helped us immediately streamline end-to-end administration of our summer programme from onboarding to productivity tracking. Each intern got access to a custom, Mourant portal with all the resources they needed including their own ‘schedule’ of daily tasks. Our team also had easy-to-use tools for progress reporting. We are actively expanding how we use this platform for our programme participants next year.”

- Ramesh Maharaj, Partner, Mourant Ozannes (Cayman)



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